These days, it might seem like cars are focusing more and more on their interior more than the exterior. While comfort features and interior amenities are a must-have, a vehicle's exterior is still quite an important part of the vehicle. Manufacturers at Dodge definitely understand that, which is presumably why they've worked to deliver the Dodge Durango, which takes its exterior features into the here and now.

The Durango comes with keyless entry so that if your hands are full you don't have to awkwardly maneuver your keys out of your pocket to enter your vehicle. As long as you have your key on you, you can simply pull on your door handle to open your Durango. Plus, the Durango features headlights that run day or night, so other vehicles will be able to see you just as easily as you can see them.

To experience these exterior features and more, come test drive the new Dodge Durango here at Blue Ridge Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram!

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