Why Vehicle Suspensions Are Important

January 31st, 2022 by

At first glance, a vehicle’s suspension has a straightforward purpose—to offer a smooth ride through Abingdon, VA. However, it does so much more. Let’s take a look.

The Suspension’s Real Purpose

An automotive suspension does an important job, and its components must withstand a significant level of stress. The system is found between a Blue Ridge Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram vehicle’s wheels and frame, serving several purposes. A well-tuned suspension will absorb road imperfections so drivers and passengers can ride comfortably.

Why the Wheels Are Important

As a suspension component, the wheels are crucial to a vehicle’s safety and performance. They’re the only part that touches the road, which means they have to put the engine’s power to the ground while simultaneously stopping or steering the vehicle.

Suspensions Are Complex Systems

These are just a few reasons why automotive suspensions are so important. The system is a complex one, with hundreds of moving parts—and a single broken piece can affect the entire setup.

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